"Willow City’s debut album is not what you may expect from a young a band of siblings that are recording music for the first time together in a studio. The self-titled album pops and shines like they’ve been making records for years now. Sophisticated songwriting hints of the Avett Brothers, complex harmonies that remind us of 70s Fleetwood Mac and the spontaneous millennial fun of Arcade Fire are all packed into this album."

Jeff Game, AXS

"You've never heard a family band like Willow City. Comprised of four talented and creative siblings, this Texas band takes the best parts of pop - the catchiness, the energy - and combines it with the best of folk - the harmony, the sincerity - for a sugary blend of dancealongs and singalongs."

Savannah Davanzo, The Music Mermaid

"While a story might pique your initial interest, what brings you back is always, only, the music. This group's writing, their harmonies, their playing, their presentation all work together to create 'their sound' that makes you want to listen, and to keep listening. You can't describe it; you can't wait to hear it again."

Phil Housseal, Full House Productions

"Willow City [puts on] a show full of energy and enthusiasm that you can't help but want to clap and sing along to. Each member brings an array of talent to the mix and it's truly amazing... they keep the crowd riveted by their banter and sweet harmonies... this show is enjoyed by all ages."

Emma Faye Rudkin, Founder of Good Vibrations Music Festival and Aid The Silent


Willow City featured on Texas Country Reporter!