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We Believe

The world can be a discouraging, negative place.

When a community leader told us to quit pursuing music because we weren't qualified, it
knocked the wind out of our sails... for a moment.

You'll hear well-meaning people tell you you're not qualified, or you can't do that and it's not
realistic to pursue your dreams. It's easy to feel lonely and isolated.

Are you tired of the voices of discouragement, negativity, and loneliness in the world today?
So are we.

That's why we create music that inspires happy. That cuts through the discouragement and
dystopia in the world. It's music that we hope will become anthems for every season of your life.

Willow City is more than music. It's community. Community where you will feel connected to
others who are not only seeking hope and happiness, but who become the hope and happiness
in the world around them.

Join us as we inspire happy.


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